PF tutorials at UKUUG-spring2006 and SANE2006

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PF tutorials at UKUUG-spring2006 and SANE2006

Peter N. M. Hansteen
For the upcoming events page, it migth be worth mentioning that the
UKUUG 2006 Spring conference in Durham, UK March 22-23 2006
( and SANE2006
( in Delft, Holland May 15-19 2006 both
will feature at least some OpenBSD content in the form of slightly
evolved versions of my PF tutorial (

The programs for the conferences have not been published yet, but as far
as I can tell UKUUG are scheduled to publish theirs on January 16th, and
SANE will publish theirs as soon as it's done.

There is a chance I'll be haunting other conferences too, but the
details have not been finalized yet.

Peter N. M. Hansteen, member of the first RFC 1149 implementation team
"First, we kill all the spammers" The Usenet Bard, "Twice-forwarded tales"