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Outstanding school fees

ABC Widgets

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Effective debt recovery for your School!

Currently assisting 107 schools with their debt recovery.

Dear school,

We understand that outstanding debts cause cash flow problems within
schools and we take on the role of recovering your money so that you can
carry on with your day to day running of your school.

We encourage the rehabilitation of  debtors by monitoring their
pre-arranged payment plans and  motivating regular payments. We utilize
top collection, tracing and listing systems in the country and  therefore
have of the highest success rates.

Registration with ITC Trans Union, CPB ensures we have the most up to
date data available. Our collection staff are highly trained and
constantly updated on the ever changing laws that pertain to the
collection process. Call centre collection staff are all individually
registered with the Council for Debt Collectors . We have a network of
Attorney bs that cover the legal process and field tracers to ensure we
find who we are looking for.

Benefits to our clients

  * No collection, no charge to client

  * No risk to client, value added services

  * Registered with the Council for Debt Collectors

  * Strong empowerment credentials at both strategic and operational

  * 10 years collection experience

  * Strict compliance with industry rules and regulations

  * Regular updates and reports

  * Efficient service delivery

  * Quality service

  * Network of Attorneys

  * Field tracers

  * Results based collections

Please could you supply me with a date and time on when I could come and
discuss how our services could be of benefit to you?

No cost to you if we do not collect!

Kind regards,

Rory Wyatt

Chief Marketing Officer

[hidden email] o.za

(c)082 652 1083

(t) 087 940 7464

(t) 011 767 8320

(f) 011 766 2585

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