OpenBoot attempting to boot from sr0:a/bsd instead of sr0a:/bsd

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OpenBoot attempting to boot from sr0:a/bsd instead of sr0a:/bsd

Hello Everyone!

I came across a pretty bizarre situation today.

First of all, the hardware I work with:

SunFire T2000
SPARC Enterprise T5120

I have configured a softraid on both.

I have applied the only 6.5 patch available, on both, doing the exact same procedure of 1)fetching changes to stable 2)building a new kernel 3) reboot 4) building a new userland and then halt -p. Then I checked out that they both boot. This is an important thing to remember.

I had also followed the instructions, of course, in boot_sparc64 to be able to boot from my softraid.

Today, for the first time, I booted both since updating.

The T2000 worked flawlessly...while the other keeps my banging my head against the wall since hours.

Booting with the same disk and arguments, the OpenBoot prompt tells me it is attempting to boot from sr0:a/bsd, and not sr0a:/bsd as it actually should. Then it stops at ERROR: Last Trap: Illegal instruction (because of course it is).

I read and re-read boot_sparc64, Oracle's own OpenBoot documentation, and of course searched the internet for similar situations. I haven't found anything up to now so I was wondering if any of you has experienced this before.

As I said, the important thing to remember is that both systems did indeed boot without a glitch two days ago. I'm certain you get a lot of this b**s of "i didn't change anything' - but in this case it is truly so. I didn't change any variables at the openboot prompt or in the Service Processor. Nothing.

Nothing seems to work. Any clue of what is going on?

Any clues are greatly appreciated.

R. Soto.-