OpenBSD / ESXi / Raspberry Pi

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OpenBSD / ESXi / Raspberry Pi

John Jore
Hi all,

I wanted to move my OpenBSD firewall from VMware ESXi on x86/x64 to ARM64 on a Raspberry Pi, as a VM.

I've got CentOS running as a VM on the ESXi (ARM) without issues, but not been successful with OpenBSD.

Most of my attempts to create boot ISO failed, but I did write miniroot68.img to a USB device and used pass-through to attach it to a VM. Boot menu showed up and I tried launching bsd.rd (and bsd), but in both cases, the screen goes blank after a few more numbers are displayed:


Am I doing something wrong, or is just that its not meant to work? Any plans to make this work at some point?


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