OpenBSD 6.7 - uncommon behavior

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OpenBSD 6.7 - uncommon behavior

R0me0 ***
Hello guys.

Today, I've installed OpenBSD 6.7 on Windows 10 pro ( Hyper-V ) which I
already has 6.6 running very well.

So, the planning was:

Migrate my conf's, turn off my 6.6 and make use of 6.7.

1 - By default hyper-v add's one processor.  In the end of my fresh install
it doesn't work ( tried two times )  ( My NTFS has 1M alignment ) - doesn't
work = not boot

2 - I've recreated the VM and add two processors. It booted and I have
installed some packages:

pkg_add vim
pkg_add tor
pkg_add curl
and pkg_add openvpn

shutdown ( disks were synced )

Add additional network card and then Power ON again. ( with a lot of errors
on filesystem )

My /etc/group file just get blank.