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OpenBSD 6.6 Gnome Issue

Michael G Workman
I have several older Dell laptops and have been putting them to good use by
installing Linux and BSD Unix. I wanted to learn OpenBSD Unix so I
installed it on a Dell Vostro 1500 I have with 2Ghz Intel Dual Core
Processor, 2GB RAM, and 120GB Hard drive. I already did a DMESG for it. The
install was no problem at all, a USB install using the fs file, and the
default FVWM window manager works perfectly, but I was hoping to use Gnome
with OpenBSD, like I do with two other dell laptops. I have one with Fedora
Linux, and another with Kali Linux.

So I installed Gnome from the command line, as root using pkg_add, from the
NYC OpenBSD Mirror. Gnome version 3.2 was installed, I also made sure to
install all patches, before trying to install Gnome. And also installed

Then I disabled xenodm using rcctl command, and enabled multicast
messagebus avahi_daemon gdm, also with the rcctl command at the command
line, as root. Then I rebooted, Gnome appears to run, but anytime I open up
an application, all I get is a black screen, like in the photo, it is Gnome
initial setup that is blacked out, also terminals and text editors are the
same, all black. I was just curious if anyone had experienced the same
problems? I have a second Dell Vostro 1500 laptop with Fedora Linux, and
gnome works perfectly, same exact hardware as the OpenBSD dell laptop, also
I have Kali Linux on a Dell e6400 laptop, and Gnome runs perfectly on that
laptop also.

[image: Gnome_BlackSceenError_January17_2020.JPG]

*Michael G. Workman*
(321) 432-9295
[hidden email]

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