Of him. On one occasion, I threw in casually a remark,

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Of him. On one occasion, I threw in casually a remark,

Malick Mawson
Down and partook of it, while I, not choosing to participate, seated
myself in the recess of an old-fashioned window, and kept my eyes fixed
upon our travelling-carriage, from which the wearied horses had been
removed, and which stood but a few paces from where I sat. At the end
of an hour, my patron having satisfied his appetite, declined to wait
any longer, and proposed that we should proceed on our journey. It was
my office to discharge all accounts, and of course to check any

attempt at peculation which might be made. I summoned
the innkeeper, whose just demand was soon paid, and ordered the horses
to be put to. This was done in a few minutes,
and the stable-man, as we walked out to the carriage, came
forward and presented his little bill. As I ran it hastily over before
paying it, I saw that the rascal had charged for services which
he had not rendered. With the design of making the most of a
chance-customer, he had put down
in his account a charge for greasing the wheels of the carriage. Now,
as I had never taken my eyes from the carriage during the whole period
of our stay, I could not be deceived in the conviction that this was a
fraud. True, it was
the merest trifle in the world; but the fellow who wanted to exact it
was the model of an ugly, impudent, and barefaced rogue, and therefore
I resolved not to
pay him. Throwing him the

money, minus the
attempted imposition, I told him to consider himself

fortunate that he had got that, which was more than such a
rogue-_schurke_ was the word I used--deserved. 'Do you call me
a rogue?' said he. 'Certainly; a rogue is your right name,' I replied,
and sprang into the carriage.
'Ho! ho!' said he; 'that
is against the law. Hans Felder,' he bawled to the postilion, 'I charge

not to move; the horses may be led back to

the stable: the gracious gentleman has called me a rogue. Stiefel,

run for the police: the gracious
gentleman says I am a rogue. I will cite him before the council.' It
was in vain that I put my head
out of the window, and bawled to the postilion to proceed. He
was evidently afraid to move. In a few minutes a crowd began to collect
around us, and in less than a quarter of an hour
half the inhabitants of the place had assembl

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