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Francesco Vollero
Theo de Raadt ha scritto:
>> You're right Theo, but isn't better an answer like: RTFC ? Just 4 char.
> There is no point in telling people who can't read the code, to go
> read the code.  It won't change a thing.  They really will keep coming
> back to misc showing their false expectations.
I think that if the code is written well is self explanatory. And AFAIK
OpenBSD code is so.

>> If he understand or not isnt our business...Maybe, he can ask why it's
>> different but...who cares about it.
> I think the mailing lists would be better if it wasn't always full of
> people asking stupid questions, and then being answered by people with
> ridiculous or uneducated answers.
> Not that I want to be here providing the correct answers.  Why bother?
> They won't be understood, and it isn't worth our time to explain things
> properly.
> But it also isn't worth anyone's time to see stupid questions answered
> with stupid answers, is it.
There are no stupid questions, only stupid people! (south park cit.)
I agree with you Theo sometimes misc@ is a dumb cove, just because
people dont search enough and just ask to others...