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OT: do not use securedoc

Jacob Yocom-Piatt
this is intended as a warning to users of disk encryption products, as i am to
understand some of you are on misc@. i strongly discourage anyone from
purchasing securedoc personal edition for use on windows, as it is a poorly
designed product that offers zero support in the event of problems.

this once again reinforces, IMO, the need, not simply the desire, for open
source disk encryption solutions. i am being held hostage by these blob
bartering buffoons for data recovery at 200 usd / hr, with no estimate of how
long it will take to recover the data. i have NEVER had a problem like this with
my cgd or svnd encrypted files and don't expect that i would since they're
WELL-DESIGNED encryption schemes, IMO.

of course, i realize that i SHOULD have a backup of all this data and have been
kicking myself in the ass about it for a couple weeks. never gonna let this crap
happen again...

do not buy this product!

no need to reply to this post on-list since this is intended as a PSA to help
protect other disk-security conscious individuals on misc@ who are forced to
deal with crappy OSes.