No kio in Kate with OpenBSD 6.4

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No kio in Kate with OpenBSD 6.4

Federico Giannici
Today I upgraded my desktop PC from OpenBSD amd64 6.3 to 6.4. Now it
seems that Kate (the KDE's text editor) is no longer able to open
"sftp:" files (that is, it's no longer able to use kio).

Please note that other KDE programs (Dolphin, Okular, Gwenview, etc.)
are still able to correctly open "sftp:" urls, so the kio-slaves are
correctly installed and working.

It seems to me that Kate (and Kwrite) use a different file-dialog that
doesn't support kio. Is this correct?

Is this a know problem with Kate in 6.4 or there is something strange in
my installation?