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NEW: x11/wmapmload

Brian Callahan-5
Hi ports --

Attached is a new port, x11/wmapmload. wmapmload is a Window Maker
power/battery monitor.

wmapmload is a dockapp for Window Maker that monitors your battery

This package is a fork that adds OpenBSD support.

* When plugged in, the timer displays 00:00. This is because OpenBSD
reports "unknown" as the time remaining whenever your laptop is plugged
in. This does not bother me.
* When you first unplug/plug in, the timer might display the wrong time
for a second or two. It'll get correct quickly.
* Your machine will go into stand-by (apm -S) if you middle click the
app, you've been warned!



wmapmload.tgz (1K) Download Attachment