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Brian Callahan-5
Hi ports --

Cleaning out some backlog. Attached is a new port, x11/qtfm. QtFM is a
desktop-independent file manager.

QtFM is a desktop-independent file manager.

* XDG integration
* Customizable interface
* Powerful custom command system
* Customizable key bindings
* Drag & drop functionality
* Tabs support
* Removable storage support
* System tray daemon (qtfm-tray(1))
* Extensive thumbnail support

Works well on amd64, where I've been using it for months without issue.
Note that there are some things I haven't tried, like removable storage
support and the system tray daemon (they're things I don't need) so
perhaps they are not as advertised on OpenBSD; would be willing to hear
tests on those things.



qtfm.tgz (2K) Download Attachment