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Olivier Mehani-5
Hi all,

Attached is a first attempt at packaging the SimplePie RSS-parsing
library for PHP [0].

I doubt I did the packaging entirely properly, but it works as is on my
5.4 machine. Where I might have not done it properly:
* Getting the code from GitHub: there is a lot of messing around with
  DISTNAME, PKGNAME, V and DIST_SUBDIR; I couldn't find a clearly standard way
  other ports (or GitHub...) do it. It might be worth adding a recipe in
  network.conf.template for that.
* Installing the library (only) in /var/www/pear/lib. This is not a PEAR
  library that I know of, but this allows not to have to fiddle with the conf
  for PHP to find it. Other ports do it this way, e.g., www/php-markdown
  or www/php-openid.
* Not installing any support file. I tried (they are commented out), but
  couldn't determine where they should go (all in /var/www?,
  /usr/share?, /usr/share/php-5.3?)

The port also installs a compiled version of the library and symlinks it
as for backward compatibility.

At the moment, SimplePie tries to create a cache in "./cache" for the
PWD of the calling PHP script. I'm not sure whether we should pull it
back to, e.g., [/var/www]/cache, as the current situation requires
multiple directories to be writable by www, or at least for a writable
cache directory to be created manually.

All thoughts and comments are welcome.



Olivier Mehani <[hidden email]>
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