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NEW: www/p5-Data-Page-Pageset

Paul Irofti-4
Attached is a port that is requried in order to update www/rt.
Also available on github. OK?

Pages number can be very high, and it is not comfortable to show user from the
first page to the last page list. Sometimes we need split the page list into
some sets to shorten the page list, the form is like:

1-6 7-12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19-24 25-30 31-36 37-41

the first two part indicats the two pagesets, and in current pageset, we provide
the normal page list from the first one to the last one, and provide the rest
pagesets to indicate the pages scope.

In this module, you can specify the pages_per_set or max_pagesets for fine

p5-Data-Page-Pageset.tgz (1K) Download Attachment