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NEW: www/horde 3.1.1

Andreas Vögele-3
I've attached a tarball that contains a port of Horde 3.1.1 and several
Horde applications. The port is based on Marc Balmer's port.

A major difference is that all ports are stored beneath www/horde so
that a common can be used for all Horde applications. IMHO
there are several advantages:

* It's easier to maintain the Horde ports if a common Makefile is used.

* It's easier to add new Horde applications.

* It's easier to build and install all Horde applications if they are
stored in a common directory.

* There's only one directory that needs to be removed from the ports
tree if one day a better, more secure alternative should become
available ;-)

I've also changed the file permissions of most configuration files in
PLIST since only the conf.php files need to be writable by Horde.

The test.php files are no longer readable by default. Administrators who
would like to test their installation have to change the file
permissions temporarily. The reason for this change is that OpenBSD's
package system resets the file permissions when updating a package. I
think it's better to restrict access to the test.php files.
Otherwise administrators would have to fix the file permissions after
every update.

I've moved the Horde applications that already exist in the ports tree
to the following places:

devel/horde -> www/horde/horde

mail/imp -> www/horde/imp

www/turba -> www/horde/turba

www/kronolith -> www/horde/kronolith

www/nag -> www/horde/nag

databases/mnemo -> www/horde/mnemo

devel/chora -> www/horde/chora

I've also added four new applications that the Horde project has
released in recent months:

www/horde/ingo - Mail filter rules

www/horde/gollem - File manager

www/horde/passwd - Password changing application

www/horde/forwards - Mail forwards

What do you think about these changes?

horde.tar.gz (36K) Download Attachment