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Jeremie Courreges-Anglas-2

here's an updated tarball for this fresh 8.14.7 release.
(previous tarball here:

Release notes:

8.14.7/8.14.7 2013/04/21
        Drop support for IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses to prevent the MTA
                from using a mapped address over a legitimate IPv6 address
                and to enforce the proper semantics over the IPv6
                connection.  Problem noted by Ulrich Sporlein.
        Fix a regression introduced in 8.14.6: the wrong list of
                macros was sent to a milter in the EHLO stage.
                Problem found by Fabrice Bellet, reported via RedHat
                (Jaroslav Skarvada).
        Fix handling of ORCPT parameter for DSNs: xtext decoding
                was not performed and a wrong syntax check was applied
                to the "addr-type" field.  Problem noted by Dan Lukes
                of Obludarium.
        Fix handling of NUL characters in the MIME conversion functions
                so that message bodies containing them will be sent
                on properly. Note: this usually also affects mails
                that are not converted as those functions are used
                for other purposes too.  Problem noted by Elchonon
                Edelson of Lockheed Martin.
        Do not perform "duplicate" elimination of recipients if they
                resolve to the error mailer using a temporary failure
                (4xy) via ruleset 0.  Problem noted by Akira Takahashi
                of IIJ.
        CONTRIB: Updated version of etrn.pl script from John Beck
                of Oracle.
                Unlike gcc, clang doesn't apply full prototypes to K&R

No big change ports-wise except:
- the contrib/ directory is now shipped in the package, under
  ${TRUEPREFIX}/share/sendmail/; a quick reviewing showed no licensing
  problem with those files.
- licensing info updated in the Makefile
- a few files from the root directory of the Sendmail distribution
  are installed to ${PREFIX}/share/doc/sendmail

FYI I have also submitted an update for the in-base sendmail on tech@.

Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas
PGP Key fingerprint: 61DB D9A0 00A4 67CF 2A90  8961 6191 8FBF 06A1 1494

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