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Brian Callahan-5
Hi ports --

Attached is a new port, net/oragono. Oragono is a modern IRC server
written in Go.

Oragono is a modern, experimental IRC server written in Go. It's
designed to be simple to setup and use, and it includes features such as
UTF-8 nicks and channel names, client accounts with SASL, and other
assorted IRCv3 support.

To get started:
$ mkdir -p ~/oragono/languages
$ cd ~/oragono
$ cp ${LOCALBASE}/share/examples/oragono/ircd.yaml .
$ oragono initdb
$ oragono run

Unfortunately, upstream doesn't host real tarballs. And the repository
is a repo with submodules, so I'm hosting a tarball.



oragono.tgz (1K) Download Attachment