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Stuart Henderson-6
  "noVNC is a VNC client using HTML5 (Web Sockets, Canvas) with
  encryption (wss://) support.

  This package is for the "bmc-support" branch of kelleyk's fork
  which has experimental support for various IPMI KVMs, including
  some Dell iDRAC and SuperMicro devices."

Any feedback or OKs to import this? There is some not-squeaky-clean
use of LOCALBASE but I'd like to both install the main files under
/var/www so they can be served from a proper webserver, and provide
a convenience symlink so it's easier to use, and this seemed like
the best approach.

More info on the branch at

Notes on support - it doesn't like my old DRACs but apparently
iDRAC 7/8 are OK on port 5901. Confirmed working with some
Supermicros and there is a list at

Basic usage:

noVNC --vnc host-to-connect-to:5900
(go to browser)
enter 'username:password' in the password field (e.g. 'ADMIN:password')
click connect

noVNC.tgz (2K) Download Attachment