NEW: fna3d - native 3D library for newer FNA games

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NEW: fna3d - native 3D library for newer FNA games

Thomas Frohwein-2

Attached is a port of FNA3D. It is a native reimplementation of the XNA
4.0 graphics API. It is used by more recent versions of FNA. All
versions starting with 20.09 rely on this library.

The port is in C and relatively straightforward. It removes the bundled
mojoshader library in favor of the dynamically linked one from ports.
No tests are included ("The games are the tests" per upstream). It uses
OpenGL by default. A vulkan backend is included, but still in beta.
I've tested it and it works, but the performance is worse. Per upstream
this is because of the command queue being synchronous, and this is in

I've run several XNA games with (Apple Jack, Akane the Kunoichi), as
well as a few FNA games (Apotheon, Cryptark for example; using FNA.dll
version 20.09).

ok to import?

fna3d.tgz (2K) Download Attachment