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Obi Okeke
Thanks to you all and a special thanks to Theo for
I have OpenBSD 3.8 release running on my 3 1/2 yr old
Dell Latitude C840 w/ 1024 RAM and Nvidia GeForce 4
video card.

My audio, video, nic, cd, dvd all works fine right out
of the box.  Coolest of all my Linksys Wireless B (rtw
- Realtek RTL8180L IEEE 802.11b wireless network
driver)nic worked like a charm w/ no problems
whatsoever - it was the smoothest wireless nic install
I ever experienced (on Linux or Windows) and I'm now
configuring auth pf to secure my wireless internet
access via my OpenBSD 3.8 router/firewall/gateway.
I've installed the Java2 jdk (jdk-1.4.2p2) which works
nicely, and am in the process of installing WINE. I
use my laptop as a printe server on my office LAN and
I have CUPS and Samba running.
I'm still trying to get my CDRW (TEAC, CD-W224E) to
burn cds - I had a glitch but I think its my
ignorance.  I am running fluxbox window manager w/ the
kdebase, etc installed and using firefox, kmail,
koffice, etc.  I use VMware 5.5 forwarded from a Linux
box to do my occassional work with  a custom windows
app required for my day job, I can dial out on my 56k,
external, 6 yr old US Robotics modem.  I'm also an
Oracle DBA and Sys Admin and now I'm configuring
Oracle 9i on this same OpenBSD laptop - I already have
a number of test boxes running Oracle 9i on FreeBSD 5.
My dmesg and xorg.conf is as follows - see attached.
My name's Obi, I've been using Open BSD for over 4
years since 2.9 and I love Open BSD!!  I manage a few
dozen servers including a couple Windows servers, many
Suse/RH servers, many FreeBSD servers, and many
OpenBSD (running qmail, djbdns,pf + spamd, squid, etc)
servers and the OpenBSD servers are without question
the most stable and reliable systems of them all.  In
fact, these days most of my time is spent converting
the servers over to OpenBSD. Thanks Theo!
Just $16.99/mo. or less.

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