Manually-set IPv6 default route disappears after 5 minutes

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Manually-set IPv6 default route disappears after 5 minutes

Olivier Mehani-5
Hi all,

I am renting a “Kimsufi” server over at OVH. I installed OpenBSD on it
as per [0] by installing it locally in a VM, then `nc |dd`ing it to the
hard disk. It works [1].

Now, I'm setting up networking properly, and have troubles with IPv6. It
seems they do not have router advertisements going on that network, so
rtsol is of no use. I therefore set my local IP address manually, based
on the configuration of the FreeBSD that was initially installed there.

Another oddity is that the default gateway is not actually within the
/64 (as per their FreeBSD configuration again) prefix of my interface.
To be able to ping that router, I had to reduce that prefix to a /56.  I
could then add that gateway as the default route

All in all, I ended up with this /etc/hostname.sis0

  inet6 2001:41D0:1:XXXX::1 56
  !/sbin/route add -inet6 default -gateway 2001:41D0:1:XXff:ff:ff:ff:ff

My problem now is that, this default IPv6 route drops every 5 minutes
(on the dot). There doesn't seem to be any message in dmesg as to why
this happened, and I'm at a lost as to how to make it stick.

Any ideas about what the cause might be, and (more importantly), how I
can fix it, would be great!

I have the feeling I have experienced, and probably fixed, a very
similary problem before, but unfortunately cannot work out how anymore.

[0] (in French)

Olivier Mehani <[hidden email]>
PGP fingerprint: 4435 CF6A 7C8D DD9B E2DE  F5F9 F012 A6E2 98C6 6655