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michael enoma aghayere
Hi people,

I've been asked by wvdputte@ (aka Wim) to remind you all that he is
available to sign autographs today, tomorrow and on Saturday at the
LinuxLiveExpo at Olympia. He also has with him some OpenBSD goodies
for sale including t-shirts, hoods and install media. Please stop by
if you are in the neighbourhood.
Details of the event and how to get there can be found at:

Over and out.

Oh, and if you are still in the neighbourhood from 6.00pm onwards and
fancy an "After show networking meeting" stroll along to the Prince
Albert, 11 Pembridge Road, London W11 3HQ where a few UNIX type geeks
will be congregating to discuss amongst many things the current
"credit crunch" over a pint of real Ale or lager shandy.