Linking libaries to a port?

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Linking libaries to a port?

Michael Osburn-2

Greetings all,

        First off I am new to OpenBSD development and porting software itself so
please forgive me if this is a rather basic question. I have started
attempting to port Vamps to OpenBSD as a dependency to k9copy. To compile
this it needs the dvdread/ifo_read.h and dvdread/nav_read.h headers provided
by devel/libdvdread. According to my system I do have libdvdread installed
and the header files I need to access are located in
the /usr/local/include/dvdread directory. How do I tell the Makefile to look
in this directory for these header files? I would presume that I should be
placing this in the main port makefile (something like ${include_dir:dvdread}
to make it a bit more portable) or would it it be hard set in the work
directory's  Makefile?
Thanks for the help

Michael Osburn