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Information Estoril Organic Wine Contest 2012

Estoril Organic Wine Contest 2012
By holding the wine contest titled "Estoril Organic Wine Contest 2012" for the
first time in Portugal with international competitors, we aim at highlighting
thestill unknown organic wines to the great public, both in Portugal and

As such, we have gathered a professional technical team comprised of experts
in the area of organic wines who have accepted this challenge and we can state
that the jury includes the best experts and individualities, originating from
14 countries and totalling 250 elements.

The companies participating in this contest can access the contest site for
assessing the participation regulations as well as the application rules and
how they can submit their applications for the classes intended.

We are an expert organization with a tradition of over 15 years in this type
of events.

Please note that any contestants from outside EU countries must use their
representatives in EU countries so they can avoid paying any custom duties or
other additional costs.

Should you detect or suspect the authenticity of the awarded seal regarding
the original, please notify us immediately. Help us fight counterfeiting.

Welcome and good luck.

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