IceWM 1.2.20 -> 1.2.25 Update (Resubmit)

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IceWM 1.2.20 -> 1.2.25 Update (Resubmit)

Peter Williams-8
Hi All,

I have attached an update from IceWM 1.2.20 to 1.2.25. There have been
a lot of changes/fixes since the previous update. Here are a couple
important ones: (taken from

- icewmtray crash fixes
- fixed crash when hiding the taskbar and "collapse" button is hidden

See the change log for more updates since the 1.2.20 release.
Please test the port and comment back!

**I submitted this about a month ago and received two replies which
noted the port working on AMD64 and I386. I submitted the update right
before the ports freeze happened, so it didn't make it in. I am now
resubmitting it. Here is the original thread with the replies:

Thank you very much for your time,

Peter Williams

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Re: IceWM 1.2.20 -> 1.2.25 Update (Resubmit)

Robert Nagy
i am taking care of it.