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I have up until now relied on manpages and issues sent upstream though
users. This issue on the otherhand has ignited my passion.  I have never
been more galvanized or stirred with passion until tonight.  At this very
moment I am filled with rage, on the other hand I realize the fault is not
grasped within my accusers realm.  Had it been I would be continually
working in silence and vocally supporting OpenBSD, however at this time
I've not only been accused as a liar amongst my peers but labeled as
someone that is not me. That I cannot or shall not tolerate.

That being said. I am sure han is reading this and rest assured I am not
this man you fingered me as to be. You see I raised and taught to have
integrety and honor with everything I do - although at time I deviate this
but this is far from the person you accuse me of being.

You'll have to forgive me for raising shitstorm in #freenode but nothing on
this earth will ever incite such anger then someone calling me a liar.