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Here is our product line
Click on the link to see the latest in our Shipping Container for Storage

Vern Robertson, Pres   or   Peter Blanchard, GM

Head Office 108 - 1562 Trossacks Ave., London, Ontario, N5X 2P5
Sales Yard 6112 Colonel Talbot RD. (HWY. 4) London, Ontario

Buy, Rent or Lease
Allow 3 to 5 days for delivery
Local 519.850.5410       -     Toll Free 1.888.339.3113
[hidden email]
Agents & Dealers Wanted

This mailing was sent to you because your profile contains a valid e-mail
address or you have requested our News updates. If you have any questions
please contact us at [hidden email] or 519.850.5410  North America
Toll free 1.888.339.3113 or visit our website at  If
however you prefer not to receive our updates please return this email with
"Remove"  on the Subject line and a live person will remove you from our list

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