Help! Pufferfish needs a home urgently!

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Help! Pufferfish needs a home urgently!

Pamela Nielsen
  At this moment poor Pufferfish is sitting (well...hopefully swimming) in a
pail of water,  in Calgary!
Pufferfish  desperately needs someone to take him home and give him the life
he deserves.
He needs a salt water aquarium and lots of TLC.

The person who would qualify to share a home with Pufferfish obviously would
be an exceptionally enlightened, intelligent and superior sentient being 
(such as a  cool programmer for example?)
  There isn't much time so if you're the one please answer this e-mail and if
you're in or around Calgary you can pick Pufferfish up in Tuscany..

And Pufferfish is free...
Pam  CShop of Calgary