Handling Difficult Personalities and Behaviors in the Workplace

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Handling Difficult Personalities and Behaviors in the Workplace

Administrative Assistant Resource
Handling Difficult Personalities and Behaviors in the Workplace

September 17, 2012 | 1pm ET (12pm CT, 11am MT, 10am PT)
90 minutes including live Q&A

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Dealing with difficult people can not only derail your day, it can cut your career short and lead to burn-out and a negative outlook. This live audio conference will explore different types of difficult people and their behaviors along with strategies to effectively work with them. Learn what you can – and can’t – control in challenging situations. Establish an understanding of your emotional intelligence and how to use it to your advantage. Create a plan to confront undesirable behaviors at work and at home. We will conclude the session with an examination of what you can do when it seems all else has failed. We will take a positive and proactive – as well as realistic – look at how to handle difficult personalities and behaviors that you confront on a regular basis.

Key Agenda Points

        * Some Causes of Negative Behavior
        * Exploring Your Emotional Intelligence
        * Discussing Problems and Working Toward Agreement

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Who Should Attend

This live audio conference is designed for administrative assistants, executive assistants, office administrators, secretaries, office managers and other administrative professionals.

Presented By

Patricia J. Hutchings, Unique Perspectives Un-Limited, Inc.



ONLINE: [http://www.administrativeassistantresource.net/shop/add_item.php?c=1&p=1943904550&item=229758&md=330213:19:YWxwaGFAb3BlbmJzZC5vcmc6MTIwODA3OjIxMTE4ODMwODAg]

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