Hackathon Report: Eric Faurot on e-mail and printing

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Hackathon Report: Eric Faurot on e-mail and printing

Predrag Punosevac-2
Hi misc,

I was following with a bit of amusement recent thread


as a signal-to-noise ratio is typically higher on misc@openbsd than most
non-developer mailing lists I am subscribed to.

At some point it occurred to me that Eric Faurot was working on the new
lpd server


which is showing a bit its age but it is still head and shoulder easier
to use than CUPS in the most SOHO environments at least until
foomatic-rip was intensionally broken by upstream.

Can somebody give to people like me who don't follow closely changes in
the source code an update on the status of new lpd server? I do
understand that in the lieu of the fact that most hardware these days
comes network ready and with build in CUPS server incentive to work on
lpd might not be as high as a decade or two ago.

Most Kind Regards,
Predrag Punosevac