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Fwd: powerpc packages?

Joe Nosay
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From: *Eric Oyen* <[hidden email]>
Date: Sunday, April 16, 2017
Subject: powerpc packages?
To: Joe Nosay <[hidden email]>

well, there it is right from the horses mouth. I don't know what has soured
him on any idea of this project and at this point, its not worth arguing
about. His refusal is plain and clear. at this point, I am going to just
drop the subject of accessibility in OpenBSD and go with one of the other

Anyway, at this point, this conversation can serve no further useful


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> From: "Theo de Raadt" <[hidden email] <javascript:;>>
> Subject: Re: powerpc packages?
> Date: April 16, 2017 4:40:38 PM MST
> To: Eric Oyen <[hidden email] <javascript:;>>
> I've given my life to writing software for free -- for nearly 30 years.
> I don't need to write software for your needs.
> I don't need to make friends in the blind community, nor any other
> community.
> I do what I do.
> I don't work for you.
> You seem to be a real prick.