Freeze on booting live OpenBSD 6.7 media

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Freeze on booting live OpenBSD 6.7 media

Hello, I have no knownledge about OpenBSD and just wanted to try it out.
I read sections from the FAQ, the installation instruction of course and
some other things. Here is what I do:

1) Downloading (OpenBSD 6.7,
the latest one)
2) Putting it on an USB stick with `# cp install67.fs /dev/sdb` /dev/sdb
being the USB stick
3) Boot on the USB stick (I changed my boot order in the BIOS settings)
4) Now here's what is happening: for a short moment I have the ability
to enter text, this is for changing boot parameter, then log messages
starts to pop up (I suppose this is the dmesg output), then my fans
begin to run crazy and finally my screen freeze/there's no more log
output. The log is stopped at:
root on <thing written here I can't remember>

I am currently sending this from Arch Linux, and think that this is some
hardware issue. I can't send you my dmesg output from OpenBSD since I
can't even have access to the installer, but if you want I can send you
the one from my Arch Linux system (don't know if it is relevant).

My computer is a Toshiba Satellite, with an Intel Pentium CPU 3825U and
a Nvidia Corporation GM108M [Geforce 930M] graphic card.