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Feedback on AddKeysToAgent ssh_config(5) option

Iain Morgan-2

Regarding the recently added AddKeysToAgent ssh_config(5) option, it
would also be nice to specify a key timeout when adding keys via this

Given that the agent is normally started automatically for the user (on
OpenBSD and other operating systems) the user normally doesn't have the
opportunity to specify any command-line options to ssh-agent. So, if you
want to specify a key timeout the typical approach is to do so when
adding the keys.

Perhasp an AgentTimeout option could be added? Alternatively, the syntax
of AddKeysToAgent could be extended, e.g. "AddKeysToAgent yes:10m" Of
the two, adding AgentTimeout seems cleaner.

One other thought, I suspect that having both "ask" and "confirm" as
vaild arguments to AddKeysToAgent will cause some confusion. However, I
don't have a suggestion to address this.

Iain Morgan