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Duplicate donors

Tae Wong
Here is a list of duplicate donors to remove:

Entry to keep, Entry to remove (column)
STeve Andre, Steve Andre' (fourth column)
Pascal S. de Kloe, Pascal De Kloe (fourth column)
Alexis Lê-Quôc, Alexis Le-Quoc (fourth column)
Thoren McDole, Thoren Mcdole (fourth column)
Tom McLaughlin, Tom Mclaughlin (fourth column)
Tong-Kiat Tan, Tan Tong-Kiat (fourth column)
Tan You Tong, You Tong Tan (third column)

The source page is: http://www.openbsd.org/donations.html

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Re: Duplicate donors

Tae Wong
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Here are more entries to remove in http://www.openbsd.org/donations.html.

Entry to keep, Entry to remove
Jean-Marc Capellero, Capellero Jean-Marc (second)
Tzun Hau Choong, Choong Tzun Hau (fourth)
Michael Erdely, Michael Erdely without link (fourth)
Boris JM Fabbro, Boris Fabbro (first)
Nikolai N. Fetissov, Nikolai Fetissov (fourth)
Jorge R. Garcia de Alba, Jorge R Garcia de Alba (fourth)
Allan J. Heim, Allan J Heim (third), Allan Heim (fourth)
Borja Manuel T. Hueso, Borja Tarrasó Hueso (fourth)
Ram A Moskowitz, Ram Moskowitz (fourth)
Jonathan Nierenburg, Jon Nierenburg (second)
Steven O. Pauly, Steven Pauly (third)
Fabien Aratbi Dit Perrot, Fabien Perrot (fourth)
Mark J. Stralka, Mark J Stralka (fourth)
Bjorn Vandenheede, Vandenheede Bjorn (second)
Andre van Eyssen, Andre Van Eyssen (fourth)

These French names need a circumflex.

Original, Entry to change
Saad Kadhi, Saâd Kadhi
Benoit Rouits, Benoît Rouits