Does anyone have a up to date firmware for the T5140 ?

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Does anyone have a up to date firmware for the T5140 ?

Thom Lauret
Hi all,

I'm running into a issue with some T5140's when testing with SunVTS
on Solaris 11. I keep getting SUN4V-8002-3R described as

DESC: The number of
correctable errors associated with this memory module has exceeded acceptable
  Refer to for more information.
AUTO-RESPONSE: Pages of memory associated with this memory module have been
removed from service, up to a limit which has now been reached.

system memory capacity has been reduced.

Whats interesting is on two separate
T5140's this error faulted the exact same DIMM (/SYS/MB/CMP1/BR0/CH0/D1).
Perhaps one particular DIMM gets worked harder and so fails sooner ? Or
perhaps it is a firmware bug, and the DIMMs are not defective at all.

anyone seen this issue before ?

Now after the way Oracle has shafted Sun's
old customers I'm feeling very little trust. I don't want to install a Oracle
made firmware for fear there is planned obsolescence code sneaked in. In
addition to plenty o' backdoors I'm sure. What I would like is the last
firmware Sun released for the T5140. Does anyone have it ? If so please email

$40 to anyone who can supply it.