Disks performances on a V240 (siop(4) driver)

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Disks performances on a V240 (siop(4) driver)

Mattieu Baptiste-2
Hi all,

I have a Fire V240 since some time and tried OpenBSD/sparc64 on it.
Everything works well.
I just noticed that disks I/O are not very good (it's purely an
impression, I haven't any numbers). After reading the siop(4) man
page, it's said that this driver only supports Ultra2-Wide on this
chip (Symbios Logic 53c1010), wheras it is an U160 chip. Which seems
to confirm that disks performances aren't awesome.

Is that correct ? Note that this is just to confirm my impression, the
machine works very well and i'm very satisfied with it.


Mattieu Baptiste
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