Develop, Implementand Use Winning KPIs

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Develop, Implementand Use Winning KPIs

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Develop, Implementand Use Winning KPIs

KPI : Key Performance Indicators are measures of business
performance. They are also known as business or performance metrics,
measures, ratios or simply performance indicators.

Why implement Balanced Scorecard?

Maximizing performance is a critical factor in a company seeking an
edge over its competition. KPI is one way in which a company
accomplishes that task. KPI stands for key performance indicators.
The "key" identifies the most critical and important metrics for your
company. The "performance" factor measures how effective something
operates and functions. The "indicators" provides feedback based on
measuring the observed state or condition of the company's operation.
KPI provides a framework for monitoring and guiding a company's
performance and management strategy.

You can create good scorecard, but implementing the scorecard into
your business processes is what will really improve your business
efficiency and make business system more controllable.

Master and Implement a KPI-Driven Strategy
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