Couple of MacBook Questions

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Couple of MacBook Questions

patrick keshishian

I'm considering replacing my iBook G4 with possibly a MacBook
and I was hoping I'd find a couple of MacBook users that run
OpenBSD regularly on their MacBooks who could answer the
following for me.

First question I have is regarding swapping the caps-lock and
control keys (in OpenBSD... Google tells me that MacOS X 10.4+
has options to allow this).  My iBook laptop with its ADB
keyboard has given me enough grief and stress over this.  I
also am aware of Apple's Aluminum keyboards and their "smart"
caps-lock "feature" that requires a key-press of more than a
fraction of a second before it activates.  Good grief... I just
want to make sure I'm not setting myself up for disappointment
as I can't find any relevant info using Google.

Second question I have is about virtualization.  Just curious
to hear about any success stories.  Particularly interested in
Xen or similar and how they compare to Parallels.