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Convenient Hospital Plan

Lara Anderson
Affordable & convenient Hospital Plan


From R198 a month get up to R5000, from the 3rd day that you are in hospital.
Cash back benefit o?= Get 6 premiums back in cash after your 60th payment.
Accidental death benefit o?= get up to R500 000 cover.
Accidental disability benefit -- get up to R500 000.
Dread disease benefit o?= get up to R250 000.
Maternity benefits from the third day in hospital.
ICU benefit o?= get an additional cash benefit for each day spent in ICU.
No medical examinations required.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

This plan pays a pre-defined daily benefit, if you are hospitalised for more
 than 2 days, but the daily benefit is calculated from day 1.
You can use the money as you wish.

Be advised that product benefits and offering may differ from insurer to
If you feel you received this communication by mistake, please select this
 to stop receiving any promotional offers or important news.

142 Byron Drive, Lonehill, 2152

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