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Configuring Added Commands to Work - BGPLG

At the risk of sounding like a dumb ass, I'm not really sure how to ask this
or if I'm even in the right place in regards to my problem, but how do you
configure the "bgplg.h" file to make externally added commands work

Inside the .h file is a "cmd" struct, which seems to define the arguments
and parameters of the various commands (like ping or traceroute), however
the .c file doesn't really help a newbie like me understand what any of it
means, and from what little I can make of it, doesn't require editing to
make added commands work.

Further in the file is the definitions of the individual commands, and its
here that seems to make the command work in the LG. And this is the part I'm
completely unsure about; I'm sure that each individual command that you add
needs its own semi-unique definition, but I can't find any resources online
that detail what they should be. Just to make sure the thing compiled I set
all the new commands to the same as "ping", however as expected when run
they all fail.

Am I even looking in the right place to configure these commands? Any help
would be greatly appreciated.


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