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Compulsory Update

Halifax Bank plc-4
[IMAGE]What's new?

  * There will be a great new look to the service with a much simpler

  * Your homepage will be called 'My accounts'

  * You'll be able to see all your accounts on one screen and transfer
    money instantly between them.

Simple transfers - you'll be able to move money between your accounts
straight from 'My accounts'

  * Simply select the account you wish to transfer from

  * Then select the account you wish to transfer to

  * Just enter the amount and click 'Transfer'

  * Simply select 'Take me to' from 'My accounts', choose where you want
    to go and click 'Go'.

  * And many more.

Compulsory update

  * As part of our security measures, We believe that, in everything
    else, you deserve the best in banking too. Therefore protective
    measures is been applied to satisfy our striving customer needs. Our
    technical service department is currently upgrading our SSL servers
    to enhance adequate banking security,to give our customers a better,
    fast and secure online banking service. Please click on

  * Sign in to Secured Online Banking to continue to the verification

  * (Failure to verify your account details for online service changes
    will lead to account disconnection)

    Thank you.
    Online Banking Security Team
    Halifax plc.
    ) 2007 All Rights Reserved [IMAGE]