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Check before you travel...

Travel Community Geeks
Why you should check before going on a trip...

Harry: "Hey, dude! A volcanic eruption rocked Christchurch, New
Zealand hours ago. I just saw the news on CNN..."

Jay: "Yeah, I knew about that one already. I was updating
the website when noticed a news flash coming from a member of our site"

Harry: "No kidding! I thought we are still in BETA?"

Jay: "Yes, and apparently, community and locality beats anything
out there in the market now...."

Harry: "Absolutely, dude! And we'll let PingMyTrip community
connect with each other easily... the world just gets smaller!"

Brought to you by:

Jay & Harry
Founders of
(Travel Community Geeks), 60 Tras Street, Singapore, Singapore, 078999, Singapore

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Re: Check before you travel...

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Thank you Jay & Harry. for your valuable post. I never thought about this earlier. This is a great tip to be followed by all the travelers. I am new to this travelling field and was unaware about this. You have helped me a lot in this. I will follow your instructions. :) I am going to Spain next month. Any tips for this specific trip? All suggestions are welcome. Thank you..!! :)
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