Can't boot up on -current of thursday

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Can't boot up on -current of thursday

STeve Andre'-2
For the first time in 14+ years I cant boot up.   I compiled -current yesterday but didnt reboot then. Rebooting today after the probe line  Spkr0 at pcppi0  I get

Usbd_free_xfer:  xfer=0xffffff087bb44c30 not free

And hangs.  So, I booted the previous kernel and got the same message.  Other kernels give the same message.  Bsd.rd did come up however.  This is a w541 thinkpad.

I'm going to install on an external disk, but have others seen this?  Given multiple kernel failures I fear hardware problems. And of course I dont have other working hardware with me so I have to deal with that to get comparison systems up.

Thanks for any clues.

--STeve Andre'