Can KDE's Kate e Juk coexists? (KF5 and KDE4)

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Can KDE's Kate e Juk coexists? (KF5 and KDE4)

Federico Giannici
I have just upgraded my desktop PC to OpenBSD amd64 6.6.

I already installed Kate (kate-18.12.0p0, witch uses KF5).
I'd like to use Juk too (witch uses KDE4), but I get these errors:

casa:/home/giannici# pkg_add juk
quirks-3.182 signed on 2019-10-12T12:14:24Z
Can't install baloo-4.14.3p7 because of conflicts (kf5-icons-baloo-5.54.0)
Can't install nepomuk-core-4.14.3p3: can't resolve baloo-4.14.3p7
Can't install kactivities-4.13.3p1: can't resolve nepomuk-core-4.14.3p3
Can't install kde-runtime-4.14.3p15: can't resolve
Can't install juk-4.14.3p5: can't resolve kde-runtime-4.14.3p15
--- baloo-4.14.3p7 -------------------
Can't install baloo-4.14.3p7: conflicts
Couldn't install baloo-4.14.3p7 juk-4.14.3p5 kactivities-4.13.3p1
kde-runtime-4.14.3p15 nepomuk-core-4.14.3p3

It seems that Juk uses baloo-4.14.3p7 from KDE4, but in the system is
already installed kf5-icons-baloo-5.54.0 from KF5. And they seems to

Are KDE4 and KF5 packages supposed to coexists?
How can use both Kate and Juk?