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CVS: ports

Steven Mestdagh-2
Module name: ports
Changes by: [hidden email] 2006/11/25 00:42:58

Modified files:
        www/tomcat/v4  : Makefile
        www/tomcat/v5  : Makefile
Added files:
        www/tomcat/v4/pkg: DESCR-main MESSAGE-main PLIST-main
        www/tomcat/v5/pkg: DESCR-main MESSAGE-main PLIST-main
Removed files:
        www/tomcat/v4/pkg: DESCR MESSAGE PLIST
        www/tomcat/v5/pkg: DESCR MESSAGE PLIST

Log message:

while here, remove explicit dependency of -examples and -admin packages
on java, since they depend on the main package which already has this dep.
also tighten pkgspec in dependencies to v4/5.