Build and Install Userland on -stable ??

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Build and Install Userland on -stable ??

Ken Hendrickson
I have installed 6.7.
I have `cvs up'dated to the stable 6.7 branch (-rOPENBSD_6_7).
I have rebuilt and installed a new kernel, and rebooted.
I have rebuilt everything with errata, installed it, and rebooted.

I would now like to re-build and install all of userland.
But, I do not want to install anything in /etc, /var, or /dev.

I am following the instructions in Step 2 of
The instructions are not entirely clear to me.

Will `make build' install all of userland, without modifying anything in /etc, /var, or /dev ?
Will `make install', after `make build', do that?