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Build Problem in Unbound

Ken Hendrickson
What happened previously:
Installed 6.7
Installed firmware
Fetched source from 6.7 stable
Built everything in syspatch 001-013
Installed everything in syspatch 001-013
Built kernel

In trying to build userland, I encountered the following:

===> usr.sbin/trpt
===> usr.sbin/unbound
make: don't know how to make config.h (prerequisite of: dns.lo)
Stop in usr.sbin/unbound/obj
*** Error 2 in usr.sbin/unbound (Makefile.bsd-wrapper:49 'gnu')
*** Error 2 in usr.sbin (<>:48 'all': @for entry in ac accton acme-client acpidump adduser amd apm apmd arp  authpf bgpctl bgpd...)
*** Error 2 in /usr/src (<>:48 'all': @for entry in lib include bin libexec sbin usr.bin usr.sbin share games gnu sys; do  set ...)

How do I get past this?
What did I do wrong?