Booting a FDE in RPi 3

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Booting a FDE in RPi 3

Hello list,

Is it possible to boot from a FDE'd SD card in a RPi 3? I can load the
encrypted OS after getting the `boot>` prompt, but in order to get
there, I have boot from an unencrypted USB, stop at U-Boot prompt,
plug the FDE'd card, run `mmc scan`, boot and then I can finally `boot

I have to say I have no clue about how the boot process is in these
devices, so clue sticks are welcomes, but my guess is that U-Boot needs
to be loaded from the FAT partition, which is now encrypted and U-Boot
has no clue at all on how to deal with it. In fact, if I just plug my
FDE'd uSD card, the RPi 3 doesn't start at all.

Any help is welcome.