Boot stops after probing vga0 failed

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Boot stops after probing vga0 failed

Oliver Marugg

Trying to install OpenBSD 6.5 on a HP Microserver Gen10 with AMD X3421
via stick miniroot65.fs. I booted verbose 6.5-release and also snapshot
from 28th June 2019, both with same result on that HW. During the legacy
and UEFI boot process it stops, verbose in legacy bootload. I also tried
disabling vga0 and pckbc0.

isa0 at mainbus0
>>> probing for com0
>>> probing for com0 failed
>>> probing for com1
>>> probing for com1 failed
>>> probing for com2
>>> probing for com2 failed
>>> probing for pckbc0
>>> probing for pckbc0 succeeded
pckbc0 at isa0 port 0x60/5 irg 1 irq 12
>>> probing for vga0
>>> probing for vga0 failed

Something hangs then, but I can not discover. What are best practices,
that I could boot and grab more info/send a dmesg?

Many thanks