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Bob GreyScanner life excitements

Daniel Ouellet
I just wanted to pass some update on this and also to pass my thanks fro
Bob great work on spamd and greyscanner work.

I discover the greyscanner from the presentation Bob did a few weeks ago
and install it to test it and give it a good run!

I started to run it with my very long lists of rdbl filter. The results
were impressive.

I then remove more and more of the rdbl lists.

I now only use Bob lists from the University as a start and that's it.

I then finally added about 50+ domains that really have no valid email
accounts to them in the greyscanner setup.

Then I also install it on the ISP side of the house for my customers.

I also configure some white lists based on the proper whitelisting and
also use some limited spf lists as well.

So far the results as drastic no less!

For my own business accounts, I used to get close to one thousand spam a
day without filters. A few hundred with a good list of rdbl. Under 100
with spamd, most likely around 50+ per day.

Now in the last 4 days, I have got NONE!

Adding a long lists of fake email address in spamd and a long lists of
spare domains in greyscanner without any rdbl lists what so ever I get
no more spam!

I am not sure how long this will last for sure and I am also working on
installing LDAP support as well for the greyscanner too!

This is the best ever so far!

Many thanks Bob!!!

I sure hope this make it in the default setup in 4.1 as this is just

Almost better then Sex! And sometimes I think it's even better when I
see the results!

As for my customers!

No one complain at all so far. No lost emails what so ever, no more
problem with Verizon either and the only calls we get is from users
asking of the mail servers are working properly as they don't get full
mail box anymore and are nervous to loose emails, but none have been
lost yet!

If you are not running greyscanner with a lists of spamtrap emails
account and a few spare domains you don't need in your setup, you are
loosing big here.

It is definitely worth the investments!



PS: I can call myself spam free for a few days now. Will see how long it
will last however. For now, I welcome the relief and my servers as well!